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Custom IR Patches

Enhance military and other apparel with custom IR patches. Explore the potential of infrared reflective
designs to elevate the functionality of clothing and gear in different environments. Start customizing today.

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Red with White $4.68 $4.21 $3.58 $2.86 $2.29 $2.07 $1.96 $1.86 $1.77 $1.68
Custom IR Patches - Custom Patch Factory

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Custom Infrared Patch Description

An infrared patch represents a remarkable technological addition to your clothing, seamlessly merging style and functionality. Crafted from infrared-reflective materials, these patches create a high contrast ratio within the infrared spectrum. This means that your custom flag patches and other designs will stand out vividly when viewed through night vision equipment, offering valuable assistance to military personnel. With our custom design service, you have the opportunity to create and order high-quality custom infrared patches in various shapes and designs. These patches serve as ideal tools for aiding in the wearer's identification in low-light environments, whether in military applications or any other setting. Our service guarantees precise, effective, and long-lasting IR ID patches, contributing to improved identification and safety.


Embroidery Level:




Thread Type:


Glow in the Dark

Metallic Gold

Metallic Silver

Border Style:


Die Cut

Hot Cut

Backing Cloth:

Standard Twill


Minimum Width/Height: 2 inches

Maximum Width/Height: 12 inches

Personalized IR Patch FAQs

Custom IR patches are rendered in materials that create a high contrast ratio in the infrared spectrum. This means that, when observed through infrared night vision equipment, the patches reflect the light rays back and show up very brightly through scopes. To the naked eye, they will appear quite dull, but they are very effective in low-light environments.

Absolutely! Use our custom design service to place a bulk order for a larger quantity of accurate, durable patches with cost savings per patch. You can outfit entire units at a reduced cost, with no sacrifice on quality.

Yes they can! You will need to learn how to put a patch on a hat, and take into account special considerations for custom infrared patches. But they can be affixed to virtually any item of apparel you need them to.

Yes, you can create your own custom patch design.

Common materials for ir personalized patches include embroidered fabric, PVC, and woven fabric.

We allow you to submit your design electronically via email or through our website.

Yes, custom ir patches can be made in various shapes and sizes to suit your preferences.

While intricate designs can be created, it's important to keep in mind that certain details may be more challenging to replicate accurately on our ir patches.

The turnaround time for printed ir patches production can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the workload of the manufacturer. It's best to check with the specific provider for an estimated timeframe.

Yes, We offer a minimum order quantity of 10 for our personalized ir patches.

Yes, you can choose the colors for your fully custom patches. We offer a wide range of thread or material colors to choose from.

You only have to follow 6 easy steps to get your order customized. 1. Choose your patch backing. 2. Select patch shape. 3. Select embroidery level, 50%, 75% or 100%. 4. Select border style, Merrowed or Hot Cut. 5. Input quantity and customize your patch. You have an option to upload your artwork. Click ""Browse"", it will route you to your files to select your favorite picture or you can select ""Email my Artwork Later"" from the drop-down menu if the image is not available yet. It will let you continue with the order without an attachment. You can send the file at once your artwork becomes available. 6. Select the delivery date. Then you can proceed to Add to Cart to enter your shipping information and payment method. Click submit and the confirmation email with your order number will be sent to you right away, and you're all set!

It's free shipping via FedEx unless you want it on an earlier date.

You can still continue placing the order if your artwork isn't available yet. Just select "Email my Artwork" from the dropdown menu and send the artwork to us whenever it's available at

We don't just give a discount for first-time customers, you can always have the 10% off every time you place an order! Just use SAVE10 coupon code upon checkout.

You can pay using credit cards, debit cards, checks, and even PayPal.

The easiest way to make a payment is by clicking the Proof Approval Link. Once you approve the proof, the system will route you to our payment page. You can also call or chat with our friendly customer service associate to assist you with the payment.

Pay Later option will allow you to checkout without payment and no obligation to order. The system will not ask you to enter any bank account information as you checkout. All orders under this option are considered priority order in which the proof will be sent to you within 30 minutes after the order was placed. Our designers are ready to modify the proof as much as you want until we hit the mark of your desired design. You have an option to cancel the order under a pay later option if you didn't like the proof.

IR Identification Patches Reviews

Photos Of Infrared Military Patches

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Custom Infrared Patches Videos

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Uses For Custom IR Patches

Unit Identification

Unit Identification

Infrared military patches play a crucial role in army uniforms, particularly for unit identification. During night operations, even with the use of night vision technology, it can still be challenging to identify military personnel in low-light environments. Given the presence of civilians and other personnel in the vicinity, the ability to identify friendly forces is vital for both safety and tactical considerations. Our high-quality patch manufacturing guarantees the availability of effective IR ID patches, making it effortless to distinguish your personnel through night vision scopes.

Training Exercises

Training Exercises

Military training exercises conducted in dark environments must take safety into account. You can use our service for infrared patch design and create them as Velcro patches for tactical vests, enabling you to attach the patches temporarily during the training exercise. These patches will make it easy to identify personnel using night vision technology, and our bulk ordering option means you can save money per patch with your order with no compromise on quality. Improve safety during military training with our durable, effective patches.

Search And Rescue

Search And Rescue

During search and rescue operations, work often extends into the night, and visibility can diminish. When operating in low-light conditions, custom infrared patches offer an excellent solution to ensure the visibility of your operatives and personnel. These patches appear as bright beacons when viewed through night vision devices, guaranteeing that no one gets left behind during low-light search and rescue missions. Utilize our service to design these patches, taking advantage of various attachment options and materials that can withstand the challenges of harsh environments. Whether for military or other applications, they prove highly effective.

Tactical Police Units

Tactical Police Units

Specialist police units frequently operate in confined spaces where darkness poses a challenge. While night vision devices can assist, they can complicate the task of distinguishing between friendly personnel, civilians, and potential hostiles. By attaching IR identification patches to the uniforms of tactical personnel, the process of identifying friendly forces becomes more efficient in any environment. These patches can be tailored to the desired shape and affixed to clothing and gear in various ways to suit specific requirements. Utilize our service to design high-quality and durable IR ID patches for police operations.

Custom-Made IR Patches Tips

Make sure your custom IR patches are a recognizable size and shape

Your people may not be the only ones wearing IR patches in a dark environment. Design yours in the appropriate size and shape so that your people can distinguish them from others. It is not uncommon for them to be designed as flag patches.

Choose the optimal attachment method for your infrared military patches

For permanent attachments, create iron-on or sew-on patches. For occasional use, Velcro patches can be very practical and convenient. Choose the attachment method that aligns with your needs to get the best results from your custom-made IR patches.

Remember the importance of patch maintenance to get maximum value from having IR patches custom made

Take good care of your infrared identification patches and they will have excellent longevity. We provide full guidance on how to maintain them for maximum value for money.

Best-Selling IR Patches Custom-Made

Custom PVC IR Patch With Velcro Backing

The "Custom PVC IR Patch with Velcro Backing" is a durable and customizable patch designed for a range of applications, including military, law enforcement, or tactical gear. Constructed from PVC material, it offers durability and resilience in various environments. The Velcro backing ensures easy attachment and removal, allowing for quick customization on uniforms or equipment. Personalize it with your specific design, logo, or information, creating a distinctive and practical addition to your gear. Elevate your professional or tactical gear with this high-quality and versatile PVC IR patch that seamlessly combines durability with ease of use.


We understand the importance of offering the best price for our high-quality custom ir patches. Our commitment to affordability means that you can express your unique identity without breaking the bank. By sourcing directly from trusted manufacturers and streamlining our operations, we pass on the cost savings to our customers, ensuring that you get the best value for your money when shopping with us.

Fast Delivery

We strive for fast delivery to provide you with a seamless shopping experience. Our efficient order processing and strong partnerships with reliable carriers enable us to ship your customizable ir patches promptly. We understand the excitement of receiving your order, and we work diligently to ensure that your ir custom patches reach your doorstep quickly, allowing you to start enjoying and showcasing them in no time.

Award Winning Customer Service

We take pride in delivering the best customer service experience possible. Our dedicated team is committed to providing prompt and personalized assistance at every step of your journey with us. Whether you have questions about our personalized ir patches, need help with customization options, or require support with your order, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are here to help, ensuring that you receive exceptional support and satisfaction.

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