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Woven Vs Embroidered Patch: Comparing Quality Difference, Durability & Cost

When exploring custom patch options, one debate that frequently arises is the choice between woven vs embroidered patches. The choice will have an impact on the overall look, durability, and cost of your patch. In this post, we explore the similarities and differences between these two popular options to help you make an informed decision when creating your own custom patches.

Read on to discover the nuances of the embroidered patches vs woven debate. We compare their quality, durability, and cost so you don’t have to.

Woven Vs Embroidered Patch: Comparing Quality Difference, Durability & Cost

Key Takeaways

  • Woven patches involve weaving thin threads together with a loom, while embroidered patches have thicker threads stitched onto a basic fabric backing.
  • Woven patches often have a smoother surface and incorporate finer details, whilst embroidered patches are more vibrant and textured.
  • There are pros and cons to both, and embroidered patches are usually the more expensive option.
  • Printed patches are a cheaper alternative to both, but they are less durable and don’t have the same iconic appearance.
  • We supply high-quality custom woven and embroidered patches, as well as printed ones, and many others, at competitive prices.

Difference Between Woven And Embroidered Patches

Comparing embroidered vs woven patches will give you a new appreciation of the distinct techniques for patch craftsmanship. Woven patches are created using thin threads woven together with a loom, creating a smooth, flat surface with intricate detailing and a slightly raised texture. Embroidered patches, meanwhile, are created by stitching thread onto basic fabric for a textured, raised finish featuring more pronounced thread outlines and a three-dimensional appearance.

The main distinction between the two is construction:

  • Woven patches have finer detail and a smoother surface due to the weaving process.
  • Embroidered patches have a more textured, tactile finish with bold stitches.

You may also find that woven patches can achieve greater clarity in intricate designs, so they are ideal for complex images. Embroidered patches, meanwhile, are great for showcasing bold, vibrant colors with a textured appearance.

The choice between embroidered vs woven patches comes down to your preferences, and we supply high-quality woven and custom embroidered patches for your consideration.

threads on a loom for woven vs embroidered patch

Why Choose A Woven Patch Over An Embroidered Patch?

There are several distinct advantages of choosing a woven patch over an embroidered patch. Firstly, the former are renowned for capturing finer details with great precision, as the weaving process is intricate and accurate. Thus, you will get a smoother surface that incorporates more clarity for detailed designs. Secondly, woven patches are more flexible for complex designs, as they can replicate convoluted patterns with no compromise on quality.

Woven patches really come into their own in scenarios where intricate detailing is a priority. Two examples of this would be:

  • Reproducing small logos
  • Creating intricate artwork

Additionally, if you need a sleek, polished appearance, woven patches offer a smooth finish. This tends to lend itself well to things like corporate logos, complex insignias, or any design that requires sharp detail and a refined appearance.

Felt Patch Vs Embroidered Patch: How Do Embroidered Patches Stand Out?

Embroidered patches are popular for their distinctive texture and appearance, which really stands out when you compare a felt patch vs an embroidered patch. We supply high-quality custom felt patches that offer various benefits in a flat, uniform surface, while embroidered patches offer depth and dimensionality with their raised stitching. With this textured look, you get a sense of richness and craftsmanship that stands out against the fabric.

The great appeal of embroidered patches is found in their precise ability to capture intricate details and vibrant colors, alongside their great versatility. They are a particularly good fit for traditional, high-impact designs that need a bold and eye-catching appearance. Common applications include:

  • Sports team logos
  • Military insignias
  • Corporate branding

Embroidered patches exude a classical elegance and timeless charm that truly elevates the overall aesthetic of your apparel. And you can personalize them with our service, choosing the right size, shape, colors, backing, and bespoke visual elements for your needs.

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Embroidery Vs Woven Patches: Difference In Material And Patch Quality

The differences between embroidered and woven patches are particularly pronounced in their construction. The crafting of embroidered patches is done with threads stitched onto a fabric backing, typically with a higher thread density. The result of this is a textured, raised design that offers a premium look and is very durable. Woven patches, meanwhile, are constructed by weaving threads together to create a design directly on the fabric. The result is a smoother surface and the ability to create finer details.

Focusing on the material, you will find that embroidered patches typically use thicker, more robust threads. They are therefore more resilient to wear and tear than woven patches. What’s more, with versatile stitching techniques, you will find that embroidered patches can accommodate impressive intricacy and details. However, you will get a more crisp, precise appearance from woven patches, even with intricate designs, so you may prefer them if you need a smoother finish.

Ultimately, the choice between embroidered vs woven patches depends on your aesthetic needs and your intended application.

a commercial embroidery machine for woven vs embroidered patch

Which One Is More Durable? Woven Or Embroidered Patch

The difference between woven and embroidered patches is clear in their durability. With their raised, textures designs, you may find that embroidered patches are a little more prone to wear and tear over time compared to the flat, smooth surface of woven patches. However, both types are very durable and can withstand regular washing and general use, provided you take care of them.

To extend their longevity, we recommend washing patches gently and avoiding harsh detergents or abrasive washing techniques. Storage is important too, and you should keep your garments in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to protect the patches. Inspect them regularly for loose threads or fraying edges, as prompt repairs can prevent the damage becoming severe.

Ultimately, when they reach the end of their lifespan, you will need to know how to remove embroidered patches, or woven ones, in order to replace them.

Extending The Life Of Your Patches

To get the maximum lifespan from your patches, whether they are embroidered or woven, proper installation and care are essential. The fundamental consideration is knowing how to sew a patch on properly, or apply any other attachment method effectively.

With regards to ongoing care, you need to know some best practices. Here are some top tips for washing your patches:

  • Turn the garment inside out before laundering to protect against agitation.
  • Use cold water and minimize harsh detergents to preserve patch vibrancy.
  • Always air dry or use the lowest heat setting in a tumble dryer to prevent damage to your patches.

Inspect your patches regularly and repair issues like loose threads or fraying edges quickly. Storage should be in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight so the patches are protected from threats that could harm their integrity or cause colors to fade. Follow these best practices to keep your patches looking their best for the long haul.

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Can You Wash Woven Patches Without Damage?

When you wash apparel with woven patches, you should be mindful of preserving the appearance and integrity of the patches. Best practices for woven patches include:

  • Turning the garment inside out to protect the patch against abrasion from other clothing.
  • Using a gentle cycle with cool water to prevent color bleeding.
  • Avoiding harsh detergents as they might damage the patch fibers.
  • Laying the garment flat on a drying rack to air dry.
  • Not wringing out the garment as this may distort the patch.

With gentle detergents designed for delicate fabrics and proper adherence to these care guidelines, you can preserve the vibrant colors and intricate details of your woven patches.

Can You Wash Embroidered Patches Frequently?

Generally speaking, embroidered patches are resilient to washing. But you risk wear and tear with frequent washing, so it’s important to take some extra steps to care for the patches. The advice is similar to woven patches, such as:

  • Washing the garments inside out.
  • Using gentle wash cycles with cool water and mild detergents to prevent damage to the embroidered threads.
  • Air drying the garments and avoiding wringing them out as this can put undue strain on the patches.

We also recommend that you avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach on the patches, as they can weaken the fabric and distort colors. Ultimately, you can wash embroidered patches frequently, particularly if they are sewn onto the garment. But you should take extra care with your washing methods to help preserve the patches’ integrity and condition.

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Are Embroidered Patches More Expensive? Cost Difference

In comparing woven vs embroidered patches, you will find that embroidered patches are generally more expensive than woven ones, due to the intricate stitching process required to create them. Factors that influence the cost of embroidered patches include:

  • Design complexity
  • The quantity of colors used
  • The quality of the embroidery thread

The density of the stitching and the patch size are other factors that influence the price.

Woven patches, meanwhile, are produced using a simpler weaving technique, so the production costs are usually lower. Therefore, woven patches are the more affordable option in the majority of cases.

When you order from us, you can optimize your design to keep costs down, no matter which material you choose. We always price competitively, and you can order in bulk to take advantage of generous wholesale discounts for cost savings per unit, whether you choose woven or embroidered patches.

What Are The Hidden Costs Of Creating Quality Patches?

Sometimes, having high-quality patches produced involves hidden costs that can make overall expenses mount up. Factors that can cause this issue include:

  • Design revisions: Organizations that create designs on your behalf may charge extra for making multiple iterations on patch design.
  • Sample production: Prototype creation before the beginning of full-scale production may incur a cost.

There is a small charge for samples when you work with us, but you don’t need to worry about extra costs for design revisions. Order quantity is another thing that can impact cost - due to economies of scale, larger orders typically lead to bulk discounts, and we offer generous wholesale savings per unit to help you stay on-budget.

Other considerations include shipping and handling fees, taxes, and additional services like rush orders of special packaging. Budget for these hidden costs carefully to ensure that the final patch production cost doesn’t exceed your allocated funding for the project. For small batches, some people even choose to make their own custom embroidered patches.

Exploring Less Expensive Alternatives With Printed Patches

If you are looking for a way to get custom cheap patches that are more affordable than both woven and embroidered patches, printed patches are a good option. They are created using a printing process that transfers a design directly onto the polyester or twill patch material.

One advantage of this option is that they can replicate intricate designs with precise detail and vibrant colors. They are excellent for designs with gradients or photographic elements. Other advantages include their lightweight, flexible nature, meaning they are a good fit for applications where weight and bulk are important considerations.

The downside of printed patches is that their durability is often lower than both woven and embroidered options. The printed design can fade and wear away over time, particularly if you expose the patch to harsh conditions or frequent washing. Another common limitation of printed patches is that they often cannot capture such complex designs as woven patches, and they lack the textured appearance of embroidered patches.

an embroidered patch for woven vs embroidered patch

What Distinguishes Printed Patches From Woven And Embroidered Ones?

The primary distinctions between printed patches and their woven or embroidered counterparts is the production method and the resulting aesthetic. Unlike woven and embroidered patches, printed ones don't rely on stitching and weaving techniques, instead incorporating designs that are printed onto the patch material using cutting-edge techniques.

The printing process means these patches can replicate fairly intricate designs with bright colors, and things like photographs or gradients can be incorporated. These things are challenging to achieve with embroidery or weaving, and printed patches also feature a smooth, sleek surface that looks modern and streamlined.

Many people prefer the printed patch option when their design features things like:

  • Complex artwork
  • Fine details
  • Diverse color schemes

Embroidery and weaving may not capture these types of designs as well as printing. They are also a great option when you need something lightweight and flexible, such as for uniforms, promotional items, or fashion accessories. We supply high-quality custom printed patches to enable you to get the look you want at an affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Woven Vs Embroidered Patch

Difference Between Woven And Embroidered Patches

Woven patches involve a weaved design applied with a loom, whilst embroidered patches use thread stitched onto a fabric backing to create a design. Woven patches have a smooth surface, while embroidered ones are textured and tactile.

Are Embroidered Patches More Expensive?

Generally speaking, embroidered patches carry a higher price tag because they are more costly to produce. You can save money on all patch types when you place a wholesale order to access bulk discounts.

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