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How Much Do Custom Patches Cost? Unraveling the Pricing Mystery

If you are considering having patches customized for your brand or personal expression, one question is key: how much do custom embroidered patches cost? In this post, we look into the world of custom patch prices, removing some of the mystery around factors that influence costs and helping you make informed decisions. Explore custom patch pricing with us.

How Much Do Custom Patches Cost? Unraveling the Pricing Mystery

Key Takeaways

  • How much custom patches cost depends primarily on size, material, design complexity, and quantity.
  • You can save money per patch with bulk ordering, and the more you order, the better the savings.
  • The production costs are fundamental to custom patch pricing.
  • Embroidery is a popular way to apply a design to a custom patch, and it offers many advantages over other methods.
  • It’s better to pay for a professional service than to look for free options because you get a higher quality.
  • There are ways to optimize your patch design to keep the cost of the patches within your budget.

How Much Do Custom Patches Cost To Buy?

There are several factors that influence how much custom patches cost:

  • Size is a particularly important consideration - if you order 10 x 3” chenille patches from us, the guide price is $9.01 per patch, but 10 x 8” patches are priced at $18.38 each.
  • Design complexity can push that price higher or lower.
  • Quantity matters as well. Thanks to bulk discounts, if you ordered 100 x 3” patches, the guide price per patch is $2.88.

Prices vary between different suppliers. This is why you should do a little comparison, looking at production techniques, material quality, and any unique offerings from different companies. Ultimately, custom patch prices are determined by a nuanced interplay of different factors, so it takes careful consideration.

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How Much Do Custom Embroidered Patches cost?

Custom embroidered patches are a popular option for our customers. In terms of how much embroidered patches cost, the main variables are size and quantity. For the smallest size (2”), you could order 10 at $6.17 per patch, but the price per patch decreases with larger bulk orders. Let’s take a look at a few options:

  • 100 patches: $1.12 per patch
  • 500 patches: $0.48 per patch
  • 1000 patches: $0.33 per patch

This is a common thread between different patch types. Naturally, larger sizes come at a higher cost per patch. Make use of the pricing table at the top of the custom patch page you are exploring.

How Much Do Custom Iron on Patches cost?

Iron-on patches are a little more complicated. For example, a basic heat transfer patch to add to a t-shirt can be quite low cost, but you might order an embroidered patch with an iron-on backing, and the pricing is different for this.

Let’s take a look at the pricing for simple custom heat transfer patches in a size of 6”.

  • 25 patches: $6.24 per patch
  • 100 patches: $5.63 per patch
  • 500 patches: $5.08 per patch
  • 1000 patches: $4.83 per patch

Consider patch options when exploring custom patch prices. An iron-on backing is a popular choice for embroidered patches, as it is straightforward to iron on a patch. But they will likely be more expensive per patch than basic heat transfer patches.

How Much Do Other Types of Custom Patches cost?

There are many other types of patches, with different costs depending on the material, design, and size of the patch. Bulk discounts always help you save money on larger orders, regardless of the other considerations. Let’s take a look at a few other popular patch types:

  • Custom Velcro patches 3”: $8.48 per patch for 10, $1.44 per patch for 100.
  • Custom rubber patches 3”: $6.27 per patch for 50, $3.29 per patch for 250.
  • Custom chenille patches 3”: $9.01 per patch for 10, $2.88 per patch for 100.
  • Custom leather patches 3”: $4.80 per patch for 50, $1.97 per patch for 250.

So, as you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question ‘How much do custom patches cost?’

What Influences the Cost of Custom Patches?

There are several major factors that influence custom patch cost:

  • Material: Some materials are more expensive than others, or require different techniques to produce custom patches. This impacts the cost of custom patches.
  • Size: Larger patches cost more than smaller ones, regardless of the material.
  • Quantity: The more patches you order, the more money you save per patch, thanks to our generous bulk discounts.

Design complexity also plays a part. For example, a basic embroidered design will cost you $8.48 per patch for an order of 10 3” pieces, but that price goes up to $11.24 for a 3D embroidered patch design.

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Is There a Standard Price Range for Custom Patches?

The cheapest patch type we do is custom printed care labels, which will cost $1.80 each for an order of 25 at 1.5”. Our bullion patches, meanwhile, would cost $14.47 each for an order of 25 at 2”. There isn’t really a standard price range, as there are so many options and design features that impact the cost of custom patches.

How much does it cost to make a custom patch?

You can make custom embroidered patches at home. You would need:

  • Embroidery software
  • A fabric backing
  • Some sewing equipment
  • Colored threads

Depending on various factors, the project could cost between $10 and $50, but you would then be set up to make multiple patches. This approach would also require a substantial investment of time and effort.

Alternatively, you could use our service to have any quantity of custom patches professionally made. You could make huge savings with a bulk order, but it is still likely to cost more than a DIY project. You will also get a fast turnaround and a high-quality finish on all products.

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Embroidery Pricing: A Detailed Comparison

If you order 50 x 4” embroidered patches, it will cost you $2.90 per patch. For the same size and quantity of printed patches, the price will be $3.56. Embroidery is generally more cost-effective because it is easier to achieve intricate details with embroidery methods than it is with printing. For smaller bulk orders, the setup costs for embroidery machines can be more economical than the setup required for printing.

Of course, there can be exceptions to this. If you choose luxury embroidered patches that involve things like gold thread or 3D/sharp-angled textures, embroidered patches can become more expensive.

Why Is Embroidered Patchwork Priced at a Premium?

Whilst simple embroidery on custom patches is priced lower than printing, it still is not considered a budget option. And more complex designs can actually be among the more expensive patch types available. This is because production requires specialist machines requiring complex setups, and may use a substantial amount of resources for 3D and textures designs.

You are paying a premium for luxury craftsmanship, and also for the durability of the product. Even if you remove an embroidered patch from a garment, it is likely to still be usable. Printed patches can look great, but the design is likely to fade over time with washing and exposure to sunlight. If the cost of custom embroidered name patches seems high, remember what you are getting for your investment.

Understanding the Embroidery and Patch Making Process

Meticulous steps are involved in the creation of custom embroidered patches, and this impacts how to price embroidery patches for the customer.

  1. The digital design is converted into an embroidery file.
  2. The chosen fabric is hooped, and an embroidery machine stitches the design.
  3. Manual trimming of excess threads comes next.
  4. The process is completed with the application of the chosen backing material.

This is a labor-intensive process that requires skilled operators and quality control. With more complex designs, the time and skill required is even higher, and more resources are consumed in production. When you factor in material expenses as well, it is clear that the cost to make a patch is the main reason for the final custom patch pricing.

How Long Does Custom Patch Production Take?

There are many factors that can impact the timeline of production for a bulk order of custom patches. Design complexity, the quantity ordered, and the production capacity of the manufacturer are all key variables.

The timeline might look something like this:

  1. Design approval
  2. Converting the design into a digital embroidery file
  3. Production setup
  4. Bulk production
  5. Quality control
  6. Packaging and shipping

For smaller orders, this process might take between 1-3 weeks, while it could take a little longer with very large bulk orders. Custom patch cost will reflect this, but we always give a guaranteed delivery date for your planning.

Embroidery Services and Additional Costs to Consider

There can be hidden charges that impact custom patches prices. Things that can add to the cost include:

  • Setup fees
  • Creation of the embroidery file
  • Design consultancy for intricate logos

In addition to this, unique requests like luxury thread colors or special backing options might further escalate the cost of custom patches. We will always be completely transparent about our charges and provide definitive estimates that help with your planning.

Custom Project Pricing: Embroidering Logos and Designs 

Custom patch pricing involves a detailed look at factors like the complexity of a logo and the stitch count involved. For a custom embroidered logo patch, higher stitch counts lead to higher costs, affecting the overall cost of the custom patches.

When you place bulk orders, you can expect a reduced price per unit due to lower production costs in economies of scale. Individual custom projects, meanwhile, will usually incur a higher cost per product. These considerations are crucial for accurate cost analysis.

What's the Average Cost for a Custom Logo Embroidery?

The average cost of custom patches with an embroidered logo varies widely depending on factors like:

  • Patch size
  • Design complexity
  • Quantity

As a rough estimate based on current market conditions, the price may range from $0.50 to $3.00 or more per patch when you order a small quantity. Expect those prices to decrease as the order quantity increases.

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Free Services and Time Estimates in Patch Making

You may find free services for custom patches, but expect significant limitations on design complexity and material quality. Turnaround times may also be extended, impacting your project timeline.

Though our service comes at a price, we always aim to be cost-effective and will deliver products of the highest quality. You will also get more customization options and a fast turnaround.

Can You Get an Embroidered Patch Made for Free?

As mentioned, you might find some online platforms that offer free basic designs or templates for embroidered patches. If they don’t actually produce them for free, you could use these to make your own embroidered patches at a low cost. Once made, you can put them onto your jackets or other garments at home.

Choosing a professional service like ours will always deliver better results. There are great bulk discounts available and you can count on the quality and efficient production processes.

Minimum Order Requirements for Custom Patches

Some professional services impose minimum order requirements for the creation of custom patches. When you order from us, some patch types have a minimum order quantity of 10, while the minimum is set at 25 for others.

When you order in these lower quantities, the custom patch prices are higher. You will enjoy generous bulk discounts the more you order. This will be similar for most professional custom patch services.

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How Can You Save Money When Ordering Custom Patches?

There are various things you can do to save money on the cost of patches ordered with us. Our design team can help you optimize your design to keep the cost down, but here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Simplify your design: Reducing the stitch count could help lower production costs.
  • Choose a standard size: Custom sizes tend to cost more to produce.
  • Increase your bulk order: Check the table at the top of each product page to see how much you could save by ordering more.
  • Limit the colors: Fewer colors in your design may mean lower production costs.
  • Standard backing: Choose a sew-on backing to avoid additional costs associated with specialty backings.
  • Look out for discounts

Explore these options to find ways to keep your custom patch costs to a minimum when ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Do Custom Patches Cost

How Much Do Custom Patches Cost To Buy?

The price of custom patches varies widely depending on materials used, design complexity, size, and quantity. Explore options in our catalog to learn about pricing for different custom ideas.

What Factors Most Significantly Affect Patch Pricing?

The things that have the biggest impact on patch pricing are the material and the size. Quantity is another key factor, so explore different combinations of these variables to find the optimal solution.

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