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Tubular Lanyard

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Size / Qty 1 10 20 50 100 300 500 1000 3000 5000
1/2 inch $28.86 $9.28 $3.27 $2.91 $2.11 $1.84 $1.27 $0.89 $0.72 $0.73
3/4 inch $31.75 $10.21 $3.60 $3.20 $2.32 $2.02 $1.40 $0.98 $0.79 $0.80
3/8 inch $29.22 $7.67 $3.43 $2.53 $1.39 $1.19 $0.86 $0.69 $0.63 $0.52

Tubular Lanyard - A custom Tubular Lanyard is a personalized lanyard made from tubular material. Tubular lanyards are a popular and cost-effective option for various applications, including conferences, events, schools, trade shows, and more. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option that offers customization and comfort, custom Tubular Lanyards are suitable.

Select a style and personalize your Lanyards with us. We offer a wide range of customization options from various lanyard styles. Select the width, length, and attachment options that best suit your needs.

Size Available:

  • 3/8 inch
  • 1/2 inch
  • 3/4 inch
We offer different styles of Custom Lanyards, and these are the following:
  • Full Color Sublimation
  • Polyester Lanyard
  • Nylon Lanyard
  • Tubular Lanyard
  • Woven Lanyard
  • Cord Lanyard
  • Reflective Lanyard
  • Glitter lanyard
  • Eco-Friendly Lanyard
  • Blank Polyester Lanyard
  • Blank Nylon
  • Blank Tubular
Yes, of course. You can select your own chosen material in Step 1.
Yes, of course. You can customize your own font. Just click “Select Font Style” and it will automatically use the uploaded artwork.
You can simply customize your Lanyards. Just follow the Steps and it will lead you through the ordering process.
Our lanyards are made of different materials. You can select your chosen material in Step 1.
Yes, we offer international shipping for custom lanyards. However, shipping availability and fees may vary depending on the provider and the destination country.
Yes, these custom lanyards can be designed for outdoor or sports activities. Reflective lanyards can be chosen to enhance visibility or withstand challenging weather conditions.
Yes, these custom lanyards are ideal for schools or children, depending on the design and attachment options chosen. Safety breakaways are recommended to prevent choking hazards, and lanyards can be customized with school logos, names, or colors for identification purposes.
Yes, the length of custom lanyards can often be adjusted to some extent. Some lanyards have adjustable sliders or detachable sections that allow you to modify the length to suit your preference or wearing style.
We have minimum order quantities for custom lanyards that can vary according to your chosen customization options and lanyard type.
Yes, our custom lanyards can be ordered with detachable or interchangeable attachments. This allows versatility and the ability to switch out attachments based on individual preferences or varying needs.
It's free shipping via FedEx unless you want it on an earlier date.
You can still continue placing the order if your artwork is unavailable. Just select "Email my Artwork" from the dropdown menu and send the artwork to us whenever it's available via email or chat box.
We have plenty of reasons customers opted to have us produce their orders. We have rapid production time, rich experience and professional business, experienced and friendly customer service, and strong after-sales service, ensuring the customers' rights.
Yes, we have expert designers who can assist you in creating artwork. Just provide your instructions and a proof will still be sent to you which requires your approval before we start the production.
Yes, let us know your desired delivery date so we can check if it is feasible. A charge may apply.
The easiest way to make a payment is by clicking the Proof Approval Link. Once you approve the proof, the system will route you to our payment page. You can also call or chat with our friendly customer service associate to assist you with the payment.

Step 1 Select Lanyard Style

Total Qty: 0|Price: $0.00
Full Color Sublimation Lanyard
3 sizes available
Polyester Lanyard
3 sizes available
Nylon Lanyard
3 sizes available
Tubular Lanyard
3 sizes available
Woven Lanyard
3 sizes available
Cord Lanyard
1 size available
Reflective Lanyard
3 sizes available
Glitter Lanyard
3 sizes available
Eco-Friendly Lanyard
1 size available
Blank Polyester Lanyard
3 sizes available
Blank Nylon Lanyard
3 sizes available
Blank Tubular Lanyard
3 sizes available

Step 2 Select Lanyard Sizes and Details

Total Qty: 0|Price: $0.00
Lanyard Type
Lanyard Type
Lanyard Width
Lanyard  Width
Lanyard Length
Lanyard Length

Step 3 Select Lanyard Color & Quantity

Total Qty: 0|Price: $0.00